That Blue Light Over Queens: Part 1

Lacresha Berry aka Berry
2 min readDec 20, 2023

No one believed me when I said that blue light changed me but it did. I’ll never forget it.

My sister, Anila and I live in Long Island City. Well, we call it Ravenswood but the world only cares if we say Long Island City. And it’s weird because Long Island is actually mad far from here but that’s what happens when you live in Queens. My friends at school always say I live in the country. I can’t be mad though, too many buses to catch to get where I live. It’s my home though and I’m gonna stick beside it.

They call me Z. Short for Zaria. I’m 15 and my mama always said I asked too many questions. Honestly, I haven’t stopped. I just want to know everything about everything. I usually sit on the roof and study the sky. The sky has secrets and I need to know all the tea the stars say to themselves. It’s quiet, peaceful, and a place where I can just be myself. No big sister duties or oldest daughter responsibilities. Just me, the dark and my thoughts.

This one time I was sitting on the roof doing my daily watching when I heard footsteps coming from the roof door. I turned my head suspiciously because I triple checked to make sure I was alone. I was not alone. It was my sister telling me it was time to eat.

“We are on break, sis. Please go bother somebody else.”

“Z, mom told me to come get you. It’s supposed to be getting colder and she wants you to come in.”

“Aniiiiii, cover for me. Tell her in 30 min.”

“Me? Nuh uh. Not me getting in trouble because — -”

The hum in the air interrupts us. Like a million bees swarming over our complex. But it’s odd because it’s the end of December and bees in the cold? No way. The sky in the middle of the night turned electric blue. All this time I’ve been watching the sky, I’ve never seen it like this. Not like this. The light started getting closer and at this point, my talkative little sister was silent. I had to look to see if she was still there but she was not. Where did she go so fast?

I looked down and my hands were as blue as the light beaming from above me. What is going on?

I ran down the steps to see if my sister was there and she wasn’t there either.

“Aniiiiiiiiii!!!!! MOM!”

No answer. Just the bees and me and the blue light.

I run down the steps and see no one. Everyone disappeared.



Lacresha Berry aka Berry

I love to speculate about the world and reimagine narratives.